Dhyan Tada B. Güdel

Lehrerin für Kundalini Yoga

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

Am Lindenberg 13

37133 Reiffenhausen

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International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training

Detaillierte Informationen zu Struktur, Inhalten und Terminen der Ausbildung zur Kundalini Yoga Therapeutin in Europa finden sich auf www.ky-therapy-training.eu.

Informationen zu Aus- und Fortbildungen international finden sich auf www.grdcenter.org.

Yoga Therapy is an emerging field and a new career option. These courses are open to Kundalini Yoga Therapists in training and Kundalini Yoga teachers. Those Kundalini Yoga teachers who are in the integrative healing arts will find these courses especially useful.

The training is comprised of 13 in-person segments and 7 online segments. The training is fully integrated. This is not simply a sequence of courses you take where you finish and get a certificate; you are undergoing an integrated process across 1,000 training hours, including clinical supervision, where you qualify yourself to become a Kundalini Yoga therapist.

The first 3 in-person segments are focused on shifting from being a Kundalini Yoga teacher to becoming a Kundalini Yoga therapist. They are primarily yoga focused and take the trainee deep into the consciousness of Kundalini Yoga as Therapy. The subsequent in-person segments are focused on assessment and clinical application. They take the trainee deep into clinical practice of Kundalini Yoga as therapy.

Any  Kundalini Yoga teacher can take the first 3 in-person segments in any order (although it is more integrative to take them as 1, 2, 3) without enrolling in, or committing to, the full training. After that, yoga therapy trainees must enroll in the full program so that they may benefit from supervision and the integrated process of developing skills, sensitivity, experience and consciousness over the 3 year 1,000 hour training.

All of the 7 online segments are open to any Kundalini Yoga Teacher whether they enroll in the full training or not. All segments will be posted on our website 3 - 5 months before they are available. The is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


In-person segments currently being offered in Europe are

  • Foundations of Kundalini Yoga Therapy – Principles and Practices

  • Origins and Identity of Kundalini Yoga as Therapy

  • The Elements and Alchemy of Kundalini Yoga

  • Yoga Therapy for the Structural System